24 November 2010

Pop-Up Soup In Park Slope

Last summer, a friend of mine suggested, as a way to stave off depression while writing this blog, that I rename is "Found City" and write instead about great new things in New York, rather than the great old things New York was losing.

Well, I'm not changing the name of the blog, or it's mission. But he had a point. Not everything old was good. And not everything new is bad. I never insisted on any notion of the kind, though many have assumed my thoughts went along those lines.

So, here's the Soup Bowl. Something new and good. It's a pop-up store, temporary taking the place of Uncle Louie G's ice cream. It opened this month and will only be around until Louie G's returns in the spring. But I hope they stick around longer. It's a good place, and the owner, Richard Gussoff, is terribly friendly and earnest. He told me he gets up early every morning to go to the City's various greenmarkets to get the ingredients for his soups. Selections change every day, and can include such interesting things as Squash Lobster Bisque and Baby Carrot Asparagus. Prices are much more reasonable than chains like Hale and Hearty.

Soup Bowl is at 321 Seventh Avenue, near the F train stop.


Here's Park Slope said...

I spotted this place the day it opened and have been in love with it ever since. Better than the Soup Nazi before he franchised.

Link: http://heresparkslope.blogspot.com/2010/11/open-for-business-soup-bowl-321-7th.html

Glad to see you again Brooks!

Ralph Padua said...

I have to a agree; I've eatin at "Pop-up Soup" a few times and it's pretty good. I keep hoping that 'Grublife.com' will post a deal for them so I can save some $$$ on my next trip there. Maybe Grublifemetro.com too!!! Anyway, thanks for the Great blog! Keep up the good work!