19 October 2011

Fultummy's Goes Belly Up

After a month or more of not being open for business, but not exactly being out of business, Fultummy's, the erratic sandwich place on Columbia Street, has official gone bust. The non-commital "Sorry, We're Closed" sign has been replaced by a real estate sign.


Carol Gardens said...

Aw...I really did enjoy their food... when I could find them open.

upstate Johnny G said...

Here's the last word, literally, from the FB page:

"Hello Everyone. I have a sad announcement to make. I was so happy to reopen the store but as I was operating the business everyday, I realized it will be too difficult for me to run this business by myself. So I had to put the cafe on sale. I really didn't want to make this decision but I had no choice.....
Thank you very much for all your support! I'll never forget the great experience with all the nice people in this neighborhood!
Like · Comment · October 14 at 7:51am"