03 October 2011

The Neon We've Lost

The way the City is run under Herr Bloomberg, we've gotten used to old, timeless, irreplaceable mom-and-pop businesses disappeared at a rapid rate.

Lately however, the City has suffered a string of lost businesses that take their glorious neon with them, leaving the burg all the more visually bereft. Hinsch's, the Bay Ridge soda fountain, was only the latest. It had one of the greatest, and oldest, neon signs in the town (photos courtesy of Project Neon). Here are a few more.

The monumental neon sign of the Rainbow Cafe in Sunset Park was taken down in August. The person who took them is reportedly restoring them and willing to sell.

After Jade Mountain, the classic chop suey joint in the East Village, closed down a few years back, its wonderful old sign was left in place by the owners of the building. In July, it was suddenly taken down for no good reason.

This is not every to mention the enduring pain caused by the disappearance of the signs at Fedora, P&G Tavern and many more

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Erica said...

Ironically (sort of), I was on Seventh & 55th yesterday afternoon and was going to snap a photo of Benash for possible inclusion in your "A Good Sign" series of posts, but my bus came before I could get the camera out.