31 October 2011

Subway Inn Is Not Dead

The horrific news spreading through the metropolis last Friday was that the Subway Inn, grand old dive of Lex and 60th, had given up the fight. The gates were rolled down, the iconic neon turned off, the phone disconnected. Many, including me, were ready to believe the worst. But one reader remained vigilant. She stopped by every night after work, and tonight the Subway was finally reopened. She took the above picture. Trick or treat? I'd say treat!


Ken Mac said...

Crap. Are you kidding? The City is in its death throes, just like the nation. "One day the blues will be a small corner in your local public library," Dan Akroyd said in the Blues Brothers. So it goes.

Mitch said...

Ken Mac - we have to celebrate the small victories. I will be going there in the next week or so. Haven't otherwise been there for years.