08 December 2011

Flatbush's Merry Oldsmobile Sign

This is surely the only extant neon Oldsmobile sign in New York City. I almost passed it by without noticing, so seamlessly has it facing into the background of visually hectic Flatbush Avenue, near Avenue D.

It's a beaut of a sign, two-sided and three stories tall. Also, the block at the bottom, by some miracle, works. Most certainly, this was an Oldsmobile dealership once upon a time. The sign also used to be red, based on old photos.


T.E. Rinaldi said...

I believe this sign dates to 1947. The red paint was put on over the sign's original green porcelain but has now mostly faded/peeled off. http://www.nyneon.org/Automotive-06.htm

Ace said...

My wife and I have gazed upon that sign from time to time. Let's hope it stays there forever.

Itchy said...

There were many dealerships along Nostrand, Flatbush, Utica, and Bedford avenues in Flatbush. Many signs and architectural details can still be seen, though many of those buildings have been repurposed.