20 December 2011

A Good Sign: S.M. Rose Carpet

This is hands down the best neon sign for a carpet stores I've ever seen. S.M. Rose is on Fordham Road in The Bronx, near Arthur Avenue. I was a bit confused by the huge metal Chevrolet logo on the side of the building. Until a found a listing of Rose that described it as "associated with following industry(s): Used Car Dealers - Automobiles, Used Cars Only, Floor Covering Stores - Carpets, Retail."


T.E. Rinaldi said...

S.M. Rose used to be a Chevy dealer. The signs appeared in 1959, installed by a sign shop I can identify only as "Union Sign Shop No. 11". Same people did the Olympia Florist on Broadway and 158th in Manhattan. http://www.nyneon.org/Automotive-03.htm

Ken Mac said...

a winner for sure

Ed P said...

I ssem to remember a radio advertisement - "everybody goes to S.M. Rose" - from the 60's