15 December 2011

The Grandest McDonald's in Town

Is this the grandest McDonald's in town. It's certainly in the running. This Flatbush Mickey D's is situation inside an old branch of the Lincoln Savings Bank built in 1932. It's four stories tall, granite, with large, three-story, arching windows.

McDonald's hasn't done much with the space. But neither have they messed with it. They kept the big windows uncovered and didn't drop the ceiling. Also, based on old photos from the 1930s, the boxy metal corner entrance is the same. Where a clock once sat above it, there is not a small circular McDonald's logo. In fact, the building has hardly changed at all. Even the subway stop has always been ther.  The flags at top, however, someone make it look like a Parisian embassy.

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Unknown said...

I worked for many many years at the florist three doors over. That was my bank, in fact. Across the street was Pumpkins, a rough little joint that had some remarkable music, including the legendarily obscure Arthur Rhames.