23 June 2012

The Little Theatre, As It Was

Broadway's Little Theatre—known for the past 30 years as the Helen Hayes Theatre, and Broadway's smallest house—recently commemorated its 100 years (on and off) as a working theatre. I went to the ceremony, and to the luncheon afterwards at Sardi's. On the walls at Sardi's were various old photos taken at the time of the Little Theatre's birth.

Above is the engagingly simple box office area. The below photo gives a taste of the elegant downstairs sitting room.

When it was first built, the Little Theatre had only orchestras seats—no balcony. The picture below shows the lobby, which is currently besmirched by a couple large stands selling refreshments and souvenirs for Rock of Ages.

This is another view of the lobby, showing the stairs leading down to the exit. You still exit the Helen Hayes in this same way.

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