15 June 2012

Terrace Bagels Cafe to Move, But Not Far

While strolling through Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, I noticed that the lovely old diner, Terrace Bagel Cafe, is preparing to pack up and move away. But it won't go far. A sign in the diner window said it will set up shop just "next door." That seemed to indicate to space where Terrace Bagels, run by the same owner, is now. Since there's a for-rent sign in the window, I assumed the owners of the cafe obviously don't own the building. So I'm guessing the issue here is a rent hike, and the diner owners can now only afford one of the two spaces.

But my guess was wrong. Windsor Terrace Patch reports, "The reason for the miniature move? A manager at Windsor Cafe told Patch that while the bagel shop's owners are renting their current space at 224 Prospect Park West, they actually own the building formerly inhabited by the dry cleaners. Now that Swan is gone, Terrace Bagels Cafe can take over the building." So they're not moving next door. Just next next door.

The bagels here are prized. They are hand-rolled, and boiled-then-baked in the old fashioned manner. Some people think these are the best bagels in town. The prices are very good, and they serve breakfast all day.

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