07 June 2012

Sokol Bros. Sign on the Ash Heap

The old Sokol Bros. Furniture building on Columbia Street in Brooklyn is all but demolished. Just a few bits of brick and the frames of a couple roller shutters left.

I peered in and what did I see laying atop the rubble but the old Sokol Bros. sign, which hung outside the furniture stores for half a century. I asked a worked what was going to be done with the sign. Would it be saved or tossed? He had no idea.


Ken Mac said...

New York on the ash heap

dmarks said...

Puts the tune of the Sokol Fanfare in my head . Only I think it now should be rewritten as a dirge.

(And yes, I have linked to an ELP version of Sokol Fanfare, as the actual one is not found on Youtube)