16 October 2012

A Perfect Storefront: New Warsaw Bakery

I don't think I have to go into too much detail as to why the New Warsaw Bakery in Greenpoint is a perfect storefront. Tile signage! Looks like a painting! Salmon-colored!!

Believe it or now, the bakery is less than two decades old. You can buy a loaf directly from them if you ask nicely.

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King Ning said...

This address, 585-87 Manhattan Ave., was originally the location of Trautwein Motor Sales, which sold Hudson automobiles. Directly across the street at 578 Manhattan was another auto dealership, Mutual Motor Sales, which sold Pontiacs. It was in business until 1977. Around the corner, at 905 Lorimer St., was Montauk Motors, Inc., which was a Packard dealership. Lokal Bistro presently occupies the location.