23 October 2012

Golden Farm Has What You Need

The Brooklyn neighborhood of Kensington is an interesting mix of Russian, Polish, Jewish, Hispanic and other entities. Plus some health-nut yuppies. And the sprawling Golden Farm grocery is here to serve them all, as the enormous awning attests. Inside, the shelves are packed with an interesting array of  goods, including locally made blintzes (locally as in just down the street), various odd Polish meat products made at meat plants in Brooklyn and well beyond, an enormous selection of fruits and vegetables and about a hundred varieties of tea, few of which I recognized.


JZ said...

FYI there is an on-going boycott of Golden Farms because of poor labor treatment. See: http://windsorterrace.patch.com/articles/golden-farm-boycott-this-weekend


Brooks of Sheffield said...

Sorry to hear that.