12 October 2012

NYC Department of Health Strategies of the Past

A reader saw my January 2012 post about Foffe's, the bygone Brooklyn Heights eatery that was heavily into wild game dinners. Pictures of the place show slain animals hanging outside the restaurant whenever it was "game time." Such flourishes would never fly today, what with the overzealous and injurious activities of the Department of Health. But back then, restaurateurs could afford to thumb their nose at City Hall a bit. As the reader tells:
I am so happy to find your post and copies of the menu. My family was close friends with Alfred. He and my dad often went hunting together and would then prepare Game Dinners for their friends. These dinners were held upstairs and went late into the night. I have fond memories of being in the restaurant with his cats walking around and visiting the tables. Alfred told the Board of Health "Either I have cats or rats."

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