05 February 2007

Gertel's on the Brink

A kind reader writes us that the date of extinction for Gertel's, one of the last and the best of the old kosher bakeries on the Lower East Side, has been set for Passover 2007. News of Gertel's imminent closure first surfaced last October. Since then it's been a waiting game, with no clear expiration date in sight and hints from the management that they will reopen in a new location.

According to this reader, the place would shut down even earlier if it weren't for its Passover baking obligations. Well, at least the new landlords are recognizing that as a reasonable cause to delay eviction. Or maybe they just figure they can't start contruction in winter anyway.

For those who don't know, Passover begins April 3 this year. So you have a couple months left to take advantage of one of the best-tasting challahs in the city.

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