26 February 2007

Get That Ugly Thing Off Chumley's

The building that houses the grandest of New York's grand old former speakeasies, Chumley's (your favorite writer, whoever they might be, drank there—trust me), is up for sale and has been belted with some uggo scaffolding. (See the picture here.)

Now we know from our friends at Curbed.com that Chumley's is safe, that it will continue doing business and has a lease until 2086, which means it will be there until I die and can stop worrying about whether it will always be there. Still, we here at Lost City don't even like the APPEARANCE that number 86 Bedford is in danger. On our list of beloved city landmarks, Chumley's has always been safely ensconced in the top five. Nothing can replace it. So get that sickly green girdle off the old gal!

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