09 February 2007

A Good Sign: Magic Touch

This leftover presides over the northest corner of Hoyt and Third Place in Brooklyn, not far from the Gowanus. Magic Touch Italian Cuisine doesn't do business anymore and hasn't for 20 years. But the artist who keeps a studio in the building has thoughtfully decided to left the distintive sign intact. The westerly face of the sign says "Cocktail Lounge." With the neon top hat in the middle of the sign, it all seems pretty swanky.

I have no idea what sort of place Magic Touch was. My old longshoreman landlord on Carroll Street told me he used to go there. I asked him if it was any good, and he shrugged and said "It was OK." But that was his answer to everything, basically. The sign's always intrigued me because—well, because it's GREAT!—but also because it's not exactly in the middle of it all. Of course, maybe Third Place buzzed with business once upon a time.

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Lisanne said...

I have always wondered about that sign, it's defintely one of my faves, so cool that the guy who lives there left it up....it makes sense that 3rd Street( in that it's a major thoroughfare) had more businesses up around Hoyt Street. I can never understand why that deli across from the Magic Touch can never get itself together and stay open.