15 February 2007

Old Town Bar Strikes Again

We were heartily amused at the recent hand-lettered, impromptu sign taped in the window of the Old Town Bar lambasting Vanity Fair publisher Graydon Carter and his clubby celeb hangout Waverly. The note was reactionary, knee-jerk and borderline offensive, and we applauded it all, because it was all aimed at fatuous, flip-haired Carter, who wouldn't give his own mother a banquette.

But does the Old Town Bar harbor a serial crank? Strolling into the glorious old watering hole for a beer the other night, we noticed this message, attacking our city's young fatties, had supplanted the Carter character assassination.

The bruised feelings of our "little dumplings" aside, it's still pretty amusing, as is the sometimes sloppy grammar (just like mine, sometimes) and spelling ("Williamsburgh" with an "h" seems a distinctly less cool neighborhood.). But, all things considered, I'd rather he lay off the daily missives and pump some fresh neon through the only sign at the Old Town Bar that matters—the classic hanging over the outside sidewalk.


Anonymous said...

There was also a great sign the other night listing the specials of the day - underneath the mac and cheese it said:


I imagine that that's a riff on the truffle mac controversy over at Waverly in its early days ...

Anonymous said...

This is really funny. You mention that the sign has sloppy grammer [sic] and spelling, yet you spelled grammar wrong.

That aside, I like what the Old Town posters have been saying too.