09 April 2012

A Gypsy Tea Kettle Memory

From a reader:
"I have a nice Gypsy Tea Kettle memory. While shopping in NYC on my honeymoon in 2000, I realized with horror my purse was no longer on my shoulder. After calling all around where we'd been that day with no luck, I called my home phone in Phoenix on the off chance someone had left a message. And there, on my answering machine, was a message from a lady with a heavy New York accent, saying she didn't know if this could be the right number, but that she'd found a purse lying in her entryway and it had my name and number in it. She said she was from the Gypsy Tea Kettle near Bloomingdale's in NYC, in case I got this message. So of course we hurried over there and met the tough, but nice, lady who'd left the message. Sure enough, there was my purse, minus some credit cards, but still with my driver's license and, best of all, the hankie I'd worn tucked into my sleeve during our wedding as "something new." It was a lovely, unexpected ending to a momentarily bad story! We tried to give her a tip, but she wouldn't take it. The Gypsy Tea Kettle will always have a fond place in my heart."
That Bloomingdale's-area Gypsy Tea Kettle was the last outpost of the chain. I must have closed soon after the above event happened. Here's a photo of a Gypsy Tea Kettle.

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Peter said...

In today's politically correct atmosphere it would have to be called Roma Tea Kettle.