26 April 2012

Historic Brooklyn Florist McGovern-Weir Shutters

The McGovern-Weir Florist, on the western border of Green-Wood Cemetery Sunset Park, has closed up shop. On a recent visit, I found the roller-shutter down and the interior emptied.

However, this cessation of business appears to be good news for the 132-year-old structure, the only Victorian-era greenhouse still standing in New York. For the building was sold to none other that Green-Wood Cemetery, which bought it for 1.6 million. The cemetery plans to restore the lovely creation.

The greenhouse was built by James Weir, Jr. (son of founding florist James Weir), in 1880, at the corner of 25th Street and Fifth Avenue. Architect Mercein Thomas designed the glass and wood building. Fifteen years later, Weir hired architect George Curtis Gillespie to enlarge the greenhouse. The sign at top was once visible from a great distance. Weir and his two sons, James E. and Edward, all lived on 25th Street near the greenhouse.

Green-Wood also bought a building adjacent to the greenhouse. Though it is covered in aluminum siding, you can tell the house is very old from its ornate wooden cornice. Here's are some pictures of the building and the interior of the greenhouse, taken during a visit in 2009.

Weir Florist is still a going concern. They have a store on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights. 


Cesc Sales said...

Adore brooklyn

Katia said...

Luckily, the building has been landmarked. The info can be found here.

Kristin McCracken said...

This is such a wonderful story. Glad the cemetery could purchase it. Beautiful!

Unknown said...

It was nice one!
Maybe you would like to see the great parcel