04 April 2012

Offending Yogurt Sign on Court Street Removed

The 16 Handles sign on Court Street lasted about five days.

The gaudy orange-and-green thing went up last Friday or Saturday. It immediately offended the senses of Carroll Gardeners, who thought it out of character with the Brooklyn Brownstone neighborhood.

I posted my (rather heated) feelings about the sign early on Monday. This was followed by similar sentiments on the prominent Carroll Gardens blog Pardon Me For Asking. Someone sent the posts and forwarded them to the vp of the franchise of the east coast chain. He wrote a contrite and polite message to me and PMFA, vowing to remove the sign and replace it with something more appropriate.

I expected a two-week lag or so. But by 2 PM today, the sign was gone. A case study in respectful merchant response to a community concerns.


Anonymous said...

This is so funny I was working out with a trainer across the street today and the window faces the sign..we were both saying how awful it was and while I was working out a crane came by.. my trainer goes, "It looks like they're taking the sign down" and I said no way they're probably just fixing it.. ha.. he was right! thank goodness!

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Impressive! Perhaps some East Village residents can request the removal of the same kind of sign on a Second Avenue 16 Handles.

David said...

That's excellent news! I'm pleasantly surprised that the owner of a chain would quickly respond to a local concern like that.