30 April 2012

Leske's Bakery in Bay Ridge to Reopen

Last May, Leske's, the last Scandinavian bake shop in the one-time Norse stronghold of Bay Ridge, closed. And so the Brooklyn neighborhood lost one of oldest businesses, and one of the last vestiges of Swedish Brooklyn.

Now, it seems, Leske's is getting a new lease on life. I was in the area the other day and saw some workers hanging outside the bakery. Investigating, I found a couple articles and notices taped to the windows saying that the shop was due to reopen. Signs said Leske's would have new management, but the same bakers it had before. It will reopen in May.

I'm glad it's reopening, but the fact that it will have the same bakers is a matter of some concern. When I first posted something about Leske's, a received a few comments from old timers saying how the quality of the baking had gone done in recent years. Yesterday, I even received a message from a descendent of the founder: "Being the granddaughter of the founder of Leske's Bakery, nothing is like it use to be back then. My mother constantly raves of the donuts and black and whites, but everytime we've gone back, they were never like they use to be." Perhaps the previous management wasn't letting the bakers bake the way they wanted to. We shall see.


Joe Blow said...

I was driving west on 34th and hit 2nd avenue and saw the sign for the Clover Deli... check it out on google 621 second ave.

great green sign for what looks like and Irish deli!

Harry Hawk said...

Hi. I'm Harry Hawk (Schnack, Water Taxi Beach, Broome Doggs) and I'm part of the team that is re-opening Leske's.

We think that you are correct that things are (anywhere) not nearly as good as they used to be.

The bakers have requested we "turn back the clock" on quality and we agree. For example we will return to making Custards and puddings from scratch.

There is a fine line here of course. The further back you go in terms of quality, ingredients, etc. the more expensive the baked good become.

In season, we will be making fruit toppings from scratch with local fruits.

Once we open, we are eager to get everyone's feedback.

Ann said...

Harry PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reopen soon. I am a life-long Bay Ridge resident and my family and I have been so sad without Leskes and have been waiting since your sign went up announcing the reopening to have our "Leskes Party." We can't wait to buy all the many tasty treats we love and eat away. I have not eaten a black and white cookie, jelly donut, or crumb bun since Leskes closed! When are you going to open????? Please hurry!!!!