19 October 2012

Korner Pizza of Kensington

Korner Pizza has been on Church Avenue of the Kensington Neighborhood of Brooklyn since 1966. Despite the relatively new plastic awning, which is unfortunate, the place has a charming appearance to my eyes. The glass bricks are lovely. Inside are several of the curved orange booths that once were so common in pizzerias. And the two stone tables outside are a unique touch, allowing for al fresco dining. I assume from the traditional three-legged symbol on the wall (far below), the founding family is Sicilian. The owner, according to records, is Tony Imburgia.

I can't speak for the pizza; I haven't eaten here yet. But opinions on Yelp and other internet review sites are on the blistering side. Also frequently pointed out with bitterness is the price of a slice here: $3. That is unusually steep for Brooklyn. Only joints with the highest reputations—or new places hawking "artisanal pizza"—can get away with it. Otherwise, regular slice joint usually take care never to break the $2.75 ceiling.

I have to assume the price is a result on Korner Pizza's relatively monopoly. There are few pizzerias on this stretch of Church Avenue. The nearest I saw was four blocks away. Still, the place must be doing something right to have stayed business nearly half a century.

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Michele said...

I love their pizza! I would go out of my way to eat a couple of slices!