02 December 2012

The Show Folk on the Show Folks' Shoe Shop Disappear

A few months ago, the news unrolled that the retailer Express was going to take over the old I. Miller show store in Times Square. A few folks expressed the hope that this might mean the unusual building might finally be refurbished. The previous tenant, TGI Friday's, had never given a damn about the century-old, landmarked structure, with its quartet of statues of famous performers—Ethel Barrymore, Mary Pickford, Marilyn Miller and Rosa Ponselle—from the 1920s.

Well, it seems that that may be the case. The "Show Folks Shoe Shop" is now surrounded by scaffolding. But, more importantly, the statues have disappeared. Since the facade is landmarked, one can only imagine that they are being restored as we speak. Also, the building changes landlords in 2011, so it might be the new landlord's doing.

The public can also now get the best gander they've had of the south facade in decades, with now TGIF awning to block part of it.


Brooks of Sheffield said...

I seem to have accidentally deleted a comment from a conservator who said he was going to check within him community is anyone was restoring the statues. Hope he finds something out.

Lor said...

ha! "HE" is actually a "she" and yes, I did find out that the building is being restored - by a VERY good firm. And that the sculptures have been taken down to be cleaned, repaired and re-installed - once restoration is completed. So...and I can't believe I am going to say this...but it appears that EXPRESS is doing the right thing. And doing the great building the honor it deserves.