28 June 2011

The Bronx Has Prettier Subway Stops Than You Do

Upon a recent trip to the top of the 1 line in the Bronx, I was impressed by this elevated station at 231st Street and Broadway. The station was built in 1907 as part of the old IRT, and was renovated in 2003. But there was some quality material to rehabilitate there.

The stairway is graceful and handsome, right from the canopies entrance at the sidewalk up to the top. The cast iron entrance and railings are much more decorative than the elevated examples I've seen in Brooklyn or Manhattan.

At the top there is a lovely waiting area as nice as anything you might find in the various Westchester towns along Metro North. Wooden benches and attractive lighting features and cast iron frames on the windows. It makes it a pleasure to wait for the coming train—something that can hardly be said of most New York subway stops.

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