28 June 2011

The Weird-Ass, Transformers-Like Machinery That's Making The Second Avenue Subway

Who needs to see "Transformers 3" when you can go up to upper Second Avenue and look at the mind-blowing mechanisms that are busy digging New York's latest hole in the ground. I have no mental grip as to the hows and whats of creating a subway tunnel. So when I took these photos, I had no conception  what I was looking at. All I know is they set up sent my eyes a-spinning. Two-story-high scaffolding! Super cranes in big, bigger and biggest sizes! Big white containers that contains who knows what! And—my favorite—two-story blue metal containers that act as offices for all the subway muckamucks. (Last picture below.) Holy crap. Subway-making is serious business.


Anonymous said...

Your grandchildren might live long enough to ride the Second Avenue Subway on its opening day.


Lor said...

Um...are you kidding me?! A Second Avenue subway?! Didn't they tear down the elevated 2nd Ave subway in people-who-are-still-alive's lifetime? And now they're building a new tunnel? Come on! Can't New Yorkers rise up, capture Bloomberg, bitch-slap him to death and elect someone else?! This is insanity! I haven't lived in NYC for 12 years and now, its a different planet! Holy cow!