15 June 2011

Lost City: Philadelphia Edition: Trenton China Pottery

Trenton China Pottery is a restaurant supply business situated at the Philadelphia corner of 2nd and Arch Streets in the Old City section of the town. The company began in 1927 and was founded in this building, which is wallpapered with its multi-colored painted advertising and illustrations of appliances. Those ads are now in a wonderfully faded condition.

Last April, a group of undisclosed local investors bought the buildings for $1.4 million and plans to convert the nine buildings that comprise the structure. The plan is to have residential units on the top floors and retail at street level. I find it unlikely that they're keep the ads, not with new retailers moving in. That would be a crying shame.

The company is now located on Memphis Street in Port Richmond and operates under the new name; Trenton China.

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tacony palmyra said...

My memory is hazy: is this a part of what used to be/may still be a bit of a "restaurant supply row" or is that somewhere else around the north end of Old City? I seem to recall wandering across a bunch of similar businesses around there many years ago.