29 June 2011

Something for the Men, and the Ladies

I'm trying to guess if the salty figures who frequent Eastside Billiards in Yorkville (I see them grabbing smokes on the second-floor balcony) are psyched or embarrassed that Victoria's Secret is moving in downstairs.


Lauren said...

I came across your blog after seeing this image linked from Racked.com.

Victoria's Secret has actually been a neighbor of Eastside Billiards for a couple of years, but the reason the billboard is up is because they're redesigning the entire store.

I agree though that Eastside Billiards and Victoria's Secret are an interesting store pair.

upstate Johnny G said...

maybe having a Victoria's Secret downstairs helps the billiard players keep their cue sticks straight...and is there something going on with why they are so often out on the balcony having a smoke? Post 9-ball or what?