16 June 2011

Pauline's Cabaret, Best Burgers in The Bronx

Pauline's Cabaret, one of the more curiously titled taverns in Gotham, shivers under the elevated on Broadway in the Knightsbridge section of The Bronx. The bar is run by the O'Sullivans, Pauline and her son Roger. Hence, the name. Sure, there's karaoke, but that's recent, and can't completely explain the "cabaret" part of the moniker. Maybe there's entertainment on certain evenings.

Not sure about the strange, stairstep sign. Kinda looks newish, but the phone number without a prefix if definitely old school.

Like a lot of old taverns in The Bronx, Pauline's was once a wooden corner building which has since been covered with siding and fake stonework. Unlike some others, it's kitchen is still working. According to the sign seen below (very faded, definitely old, probably predating Pauline's), the bar once proudly served "The Best Burgers in The Bronx" from a kitchen that was "Open Daily."

Pauline's still served burgers (turkey), but seems more focused on 50-cent Buffalo Wings. There are six flavors, but only two (!) are available on any given week. "Ask your bartender the flavors of the week." Prices are damn good. Two dogs and kraut for $3. I'd avoid the jumbo shrimp, tho.

Pauline's Cabaret has a reputation as a cop bar. Sometime back, this used to be Eddie's Corner Bar. Maybe it was Eddie's that had the best burgers in The Bronx. Maybe not. Because I'm certain 5757 Broadway was a couple other bars before becoming Eddie's.


Anonymous said...

I have two theories - one is that at one time Pauline ran something that was more like a cabaret, and it was in a basement.

The other is that while Pauline's offers six varieties of wings, only two are on the fifty-cent special in any given week.

Barmaid T said...

I just saw this post. WOW! Brings back memories. Yes, before Pauline's it was Eddie's Corner. Eddie was Pauline's brother in law. When the 50th Precinct moved to W 236th St. and Kingsbridge Ave., Paulines's became known as a cop's bar. The place was always packed and patrons always had a good time and no fights. One of the features in Pauline's was a shuffle board with the silver pucks. Great times were had in Pauline's. Big change now from what I hear.