27 July 2011

A Good Sign: Jimmy's Famous Heros

In Sheepshead Bay


Anonymous said...

It looks from the condition of the gate that Jimmy's has been in Deli Heaven for years, but a bit of online research shows that it is still in business.


george dunne said...

Up until the 1990's, when Emmons Avenue had 5 Bait & Tackle stores, Capt'n Walters, and no hi-rise condos, there was a big fishing crowd that used to patronize Jimmy's. The deli used to have a staff of 3. One guy cutting fresh lettuce and tomatoes, one guy cutting the meat and making the sandwich, and a cashier. They used to have fresh roast beef; now they have only ham, and maybe turkey, with only 1 worker behind the counter. This place was one of the great cold cut delis.