13 July 2011

Lost City: Seattle Edition: Bruno's Mexican Cuchina

Is Bruno's Mexican Cucina a Seattle landmark? I doubt it. But the downtown joint, on a dicey stretch of Third Avenue, it's so weird I feel I have to celebrate it.

Such a strange cuisine mash-up. It's a pizzeria! It's a Mexican cucina! It's both. And it's a Margarita Bar! I don't remember the last place I say that advertised itself as a Margarita bar. Looking at the Yelp reviews, it's pretty clear the food here is bad. I wouldn't have guessed otherwise. But it's very cheap. And I'm thinking the joint has a certain dive bar appeal to some. Something must have kept it in business since 1974.

I like this Yelper the best. She seems to have captured the crazy spirit of the place: "Overall, so bad it's entertaining except I had to eat it...What I bought: Chips & Salsa, Garlic Bread, Salad, 2 Calzones. Total: $30. Well, what to say, what to say... this place confuses the heck out of me, I half expected someone to jump out during dinner and say "gotcha!" or "you're on candid camera!"...We were so flabbergasted that someone could actually A) serve this stuff as edible fare and B) charge you for it! Avoid like the plague unless you want a hilariously bad dining story to share with friends - I have to give this place that much - it wins every worst dining experience story contest we've ever told it in. And for that: 1 star."

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