19 July 2011

Millionaire Developer Lets New Yorkers Use Carroll Street Subway Stop

The much-loathed 360 Court building is finally finished, and thus the southern entrance to the Carroll Street F line subway stop may now be used again by the public, and not instead function as a construction site for a millionaire developer. We only had to do without the entrance for two years. But, in reality, the interval felt like......two years.

The building itself looks like something you'd see in Tribeca. And, no, I don't mean that as a compliment. It's not an absolutely awful building. But it just doesn't belong in Carroll Gardens.

The subway entrance, meanwhile, looks like one you might find in Midtown East, along Lexington of Fifth. The kind that lead to museums. One interesting thing I noticed. The same panhandler who has been working the Carroll Street stop's southern entrance for years, was back in place, as if a single day hadn't passed. I guess you can impose Tribeca and Midtown to Carroll Street, but Brooklyn will still cling stubbornly to what it knows is his.


KSx said...

I was shocked to see this yuppie of pile of bricks appear over the entrance, and I felt dirty walking under it.

I hope the MTA got enough froming selling the "air rights" to pay for closing down booths in a few more stations.

And I hope construction was so shoddy that years of passing trains rattling the foundation turns the building to rubble!

Randolph III said...

Oh my, this is awful! I left a year and a half ago and missed the majority of this construction.

Poor Carroll Gardens . . . I hope it can maintain at least some of it's long-standing identity.