01 July 2011

The Hidden Plumber

The sign at 1390 Second Avenue says Klausner Supply. But you look at the display in the storefront window and there are no plumbing fixtures. Just a lot of frou-frou pillows and drapes and other accoutrements of interior design.

You have to walk toward the door, past the display, before you see another  tiny door to the left that leads to the tiny Klausner office.

That office looks frozen in time. There's a small waiting area and a counter with a swinging wooden door. Behind the counter are shelves filled with various fittings. On the walls are posters that were probably hung in the 1970s. Piled under them are old cardboard boxes.

Their website says they have two other locations. Apparently the firm is fairly prosperous. Perhaps this was their original location, held on to for sentiment's sake.


Anonymous said...

It makes sense. A plumbing supply business doesn't depend on casual walk-in trade and therefore does not need a fancy storefront. People who go to that sort of business go there purposefully. Nobody is going to be strolling down Second Avenue and think "Wow, what a nice display window for that plumbing supply business, I think I'll stop in and browse."

It's the same reason why dance school use inexpensive space on the second floor of commercial buildings or in un-fancy strip malls.


Perry said...

This place brings back memories of my grandfather's plumbing shop and business he had in Ohio while I was growing up.

He had a bigger place with some items on display, but mostly because he needed to store them somewhere.

Thanks for the peek at this place.

Emma@Commercial plumbers said...

The above Plumbing shop is really an old shop. It's interior and exterior design is so much different than today's plumber shop.But I concern their services are more truthful than today's service.