18 August 2011

Corona, Kingdom of Neon Cows

Leo's Lattacini, or rather, Mama's (confusing awning), is part of a mini empire of Italian businesses along one block of 104th Street in Corona. There's a bakery, a ravioli store, and this, the lattacini. It's 80 years old, though it doesn't look it, and, being so close to Shea Stadium, there are all kinds of Mets stuff in the window displays.

There are also neon cows, which I love. Three in number, representing Salsiccia (sausage, which can also come from a cow, I guess, though most is pig-derived), Ricotta and just plain Lattacini.


onemorefoldedsunset said...

Wow - those are great!

George said...

1. Shea Stadium was demolished in 2009. The Mets now play at Citi Field.
2. Mama's of Corona has two stands at the new stadium and serves a great hero.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Citi Field? Never heard of it. And, Gosh, what an ugly name.

Tinderbox said...

Thanks for noticing stuff like this neon. :)