30 August 2011

Tawdry Jewelry Store Rightly Punished for Desecrating Gage & Tollner

The Landmarks Commission finally did something right.

According to the NY Post, Landmarks isn't happy with the tacky jewelry store that has moved into the landmarked Gage & Tollner space in downtown Brooklyn. "Inspectors last week served the operators of Ladies and Gents discount jewelry store with a notice informing them that they illegally installed silky pink partitions a few inches away from the buildings historic walls. They were told on Aug. 18 they must apply within 20 days to the Commission for permits to keep the partitions or risk be fined up to $5,000 and then potentially additional penalties of up to $250 a day that the temporary paneling remains. Sources said the city wants the partitions removed."

The space sat empty for months after its last tenant, an Arby's, closed late last year. But at least the Arby's cared a little. They had to jump through plenty of hoops to please the Commission and refurbished much of the classic interior. Ladies and Gents discount jewelry covered all that work up, slapping up some garish pink walls, and basically turning an elegant room into a trashy space. I hope they are fined out of business.


Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is why a decent restaurant (not Arby's) doesn't move into that space. It would seem picture-perfect for one.


Ed said...

This is not strictly on topic, but I happened to pass by Sprinkles on Lexington Avenue and 60th Street today.

Sprinkles is the cupcake chain that currently occupies the old Gino's space. I nearly rushed by before realizing what was there. I didn't go inside, but took a closer look and two things stood out.

First, though this place sells cupcakes, its not a Sex In the City, yunnified cupcake place. Its atmosphere is more like a candy store, albeit a very clean one, and most of the clientele appeared to be families with small children. The atmosphere is sort of similar to the strange rice dish store on Spring Street. It also reminded me of a Basken Robbins that used to be in Brooklyn Heights when I was a child.

There is some zebra wallpaper off over to the side, and actually it sort of fits given the whole kindergarden atmosphere.

My second impression is for what the store was, they don't need nearly as much space as the old Gino's. There is sort of a shallow front area where they actual sell the cupcakes, and then I noticed an upper level with a large table that was unoccupied. I have no idea what they do with the entire area in the back, which is shielded from customers.

I don't think this was a good business decision on the part of the chain. They have more space than they need, and I can't believe they will do enough business to be able to afford the rent.