23 August 2011

Lost City: New Jersey Edition: Walk Alertly

So, I went to a wedding in Garfield, New Jersey. Only I got on the wrong New Jersey Transit train and ended up at Newark's Broad Street station. The only way to get to the wedding on time was to take a couple of buses. And so I entered the New Jersey bus world for the first time. And a strange world it is. The two buses I took looked completely different. You need exactly change or you're dead. The transfer tickets are thin and about a foot long. And some of the buses resemble Greyhounds, or the tour buses that go down to Atlantic City.

The last bus I took flashed this bizarre message every time it made a stop. "Walk Alertly"? It's not just that the bus felt they had to caution their riders thus. Also, I don't think I've ever used the clumsy adverb "alertly" in my entire life.

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