17 August 2011

Doomed Degraw Space Chooses Its Next Victim

The doomed closet-like restaurant space on Degraw Street between Clinton and Court—which was Ultimate Burgers and Dogs, and before that Chicory, and before that Cielo Cafe, and before that Whim Oyster Bar, and originally an old Italian deli (which was actually a going concern)—has unveiled the name of its next victim: Sadie's Kitchen. Last I heard, this was going to be a branch of Ted & Honey's, the grumpy and expensive, but inexplicably successful, cafe on Clinton Street near Cobble Hill Park. But Sadie's, apparently, has nothing to do with Ted & Honey's. Good luck, guys!


Carol Gardens said...

Before Whim, when I moved here, it was yet another restaurant whose name I can't remember. I had brunch there once and then it closed.

dutchmungo said...

I like the term "inexplicably successful." It describes Watty and Meg perfectly.

avoid the philistines said...

Omg what a suburban thing to say " Doomed" its right up there with " they will never make it" " Or like it would be better of as a nail salon. Call me crazy but I think its cute and I wish them well!