09 August 2011

Glimpses of Lundy's

Lundy's, the legendary mammoth seafood eatery on the shores of Sheepshead Bay, closed in 1977. And then, after reopening under new ownership in 1995, closed again, for good, in 2007. But the sprawling building remains, even if it's now occupied by a conglomeration of heinous, tasteless businesses (dermatologists, malpractice lawyers, sushi joints). You can still glimpse signs of the structure's past, including the words "Lundy Bros." over the various entrances, and embedded on the sidewalk before each front door. The grandiloquent initials "F.W.I.L." stood for Frederick William Irving Lundy.

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bigmissfrenchie said...

I had never been to Lindy's in its heyday, so I was eager to go when it re-opened back in the late 90s-early aughts after it had been empty for some time. It was such a beautiful space and the seafood was great. It's really a shame that they weren't able to maintain it as a restaurant and that's it's now a market or whatever it is. Reminds me of the travesty of Gage & Tollner.