13 December 2007

Cartier's Christmas Vortex

Cartier knows how to make the best of a bad situation.

For many years, Cartier has been a stand-up among the Fifth Avenue Christmas decorations, wowing crowds by simply wrapping up its stately building in a king-sized red ribbon, as if it were a giant present. (See above.)

This year, being encumbered by scaffolding, the jewel dealers put on their thinking cap and found a way to turn lemons into lemonade. The company has wrapped up every last yard of metal scaffolding in evergreens and white lights, creating a dizzying tunnel of swirling holiday cheer on the stretch of sidewalk outside its building. Just step inside it and see it you don't feel like you've entered a yuletide funhouse.


Megan said...

I was there during the "Christmas Vortex"! It was absolutely gorgeous! Much better than the decorations at Macy's.

Anonymous said...

hello, anyone knows the material of that ribbon? Hope somebody can help me