27 December 2007

Chumley's: A View Inside, Finally

Curbed has posted the first glimpse in some time into the interior of the Chumley's, the landmark speakeasy that fell to grief last April. It's a sad sight. This is all that could be accomplished in eight months time?

It's hard to tell much from this shot, but one can at least perceive the arch which separated the dining room from the bar area, and the area where the brick fireplace used to be. What I want to know is: where are the countless framed book jackets that lined the walls just above the booths, and the many framed photographs of the authors who wrote those books and frequently the tavern? Where are they being kept? Are they safe? Or where they destroyed beyond repair when the wall collapsed? Those artifacts, after all, were a great part of what made Chumley's special and historical.

And who's got the freakin' wooden phonebooth!?

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