31 December 2007

Wreath Robbery

So I threw out the ol' holiday wreath yesterday, took it off the door, spangles and pine cones and all, and tossed it on the curb for pick-up.

This morning, I find the wreath still there but absolutely stripped of all its adornments: the bows, fake-frosted cones, baubles and bells—all that crap they put on wreaths these days.

What's going on, here? This wasn't silk ribbon. That wasn't real holly or bells that actually ring. It was all fake, plastic and paper junk. Who wants this stuff? Who collects it? Are there people who go around the neighborhood looking for loaded wreathes they can shear of goodies? Is there a wreath chop shop network somewhere? Will I find those same decorations recycled on the wreath I buy next year? A mystery.

1 comment:

dwarbi said...

I think your last guess is correct. Some guys who sells wreaths is going to recycle those ornaments. It's better than them winding up at the dump!

Or maybe some artist is making something out of found objects. Like the guy in Queensland, Australia, that has found and nailed thousands of flip-flops (or thongs) on nearby beaches and nailed them to his fence. He obviously has a very particular selection process.