23 December 2007

Trusting Tailoring, Distrusting Landlord

Trusting Tailoring and Cleaning, a Cobble Hill business with one of the best names in history, may be on its way to extinction.

According to a petition begin circulated around the nabe, the new landlords have jacked up the rent to the rafters, and the Oh family, which owns the dry cleaners, is in danger of going under. Some neighbors have been in touch with super-slippery Bill DeBlasio, who has voiced his support (for what that's worth). There's also a petition in the store that can be signed at any time during opening hours.

I'm not sure why a campaign has been orchestrated to save this particular business and not the dozens of other fine establishment that face the guillotine every day, but I'm all for any community action against greedhead landlords. So, I'll sign. (Thanks to Gowanus Lounge for the temporary borrowing of the photo above; it's rainy and I haven't had time to take my own.)

In the meantime, let me just point out that I have long loved the old school sign. Not sure how old this business is, but, based on the sign, I'd say at least the 1960s.

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