06 December 2007

A Couple Curious Christmas Decorations

New Yorkers certainly get creative around Christmas. Nobody wants to be entirely left out of the decorating binge, and nobody wants to wants to do what the other guy's doing. In the past, Lincoln Center has (if memory serves) adorned the trees in its back plaza with white lighted snowflakes. But this year, that plaza's being ripped up, leaving only a few unsightly pedestrian corridors walled with plywood. Somebody decided that didn't mean things couldn't be a little cheery. And so, the worklights that line these hallways blink on and off in a festive manner. I assumed this was on purpose, and not because of an electrical short.

Meanwhile, over in the Diamond District on 47th Street, I'm not sure what's going on. There are decorations on every lamppost, but what they signify is hard to tell. The vibe is Christmas, but the design is a double-ringed oval topped with a red bow and surrounding the shape of a diamond. I suppose the idea is "give the gift of diamonds." But the thing looks like a giant Easter egg to me, which is ironic, since I'm pretty confident Easter isn't one of the most popular holidays on that street (let alone Christmas).

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