11 December 2007

Tater Tot Latkes at Eisenberg's

Stopped by Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop the other day. Always worth a visit, if only to soak in the atmosphere. I didn't expect them to be doing anything special for Hanukkah. But the owner, who's roughly the size of a mountain, and some guy at the register we're raving about the new latkes they we're trying out on the menu. Latkes at Eisenberg's? That's gotta be good, no? So I ordered.

What I got was unexpected. They were "mini-latkes" I was told. What they looked like were tater tots that had been cut down to size. That's what they tasted like, too. Now, I like tater tots. They got me through many a school lunch. But when I order latkes, I want latkes: flat, round potato and onion patties that are a little rough around the edges. Latkes, these weren't. The owner talked about getting in some big latkes soon. Let's hope so. Let's also hope he starts invested in homemade latkes, not the frozen kind. A place like Eisenberg's deserves to have the best latkes.

Also ordered a chocolate egg cream. Delish.

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