06 November 2008

Because There's No Such Thing as a Cellular Prayer

Here's an amusing and unusually satisfying piece of public art: a Prayer Booth.

I encountered this one in a vest-pocket park at Third Avenue and 59th Street. (I assume there are more scattered around the City. According to his website, there are booths in cities across the country.) The artist, Dylan Mortimer, may be sincere in his wish to encourage public prayer, and a free discussion of the same. But if he were completely free of irony, he wouldn't have had the work so closely resemble a phone booth. ("Operator. Information. Get me Jesus on the Line."....anyone remember Manhattan Transfer?)


Anonymous said...

Very clever. I like it a lot. I'm disappointed, though, at the typo in their instructions ("return the kneeler to it's upright position" as opposed to "its").

Brooks of Sheffield said...

What can you do? Artists can't spell. Neither can bloggers a lot of the time.