18 November 2008

Yay, Red Hook Pool!

The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission met on Nov. 18 to discuss some old building and if they were special or not. Everyone was focusing on the fate of the I.M. Pei's Silver Towers complex near NYU, which I personally find rather ghastly, even if they are historically significant. Not surprisingly, they made the cut.

But what's got Lost City excited is the unexpected crowning of the Parks Department's Sol Goldman Recreation Center and Pool, better known as the Red Hook Pool. I live near and have long loved this Depression-era pool. On a hot summer day, the scene at the Red Hook Pool epitomizes both innocent urban fun and democracy at their best. It's a great friggin' amenity and it is totally appreciated by its surrounding community. Good to see that the City bigwigs appreciate it, too.

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Sunnysider said...

I see these landmark designations and shake my head - have they ever even set foot in Queens? Too much of the actual landmarks of Queens are not protected landmarks - including some of the most graceful neighborhoods I have set foot in - say Richmond Hill, Kew Gardens, etc. while Manhattan gets landmark designations for anything and everything - including practically the McDonald's Express at 14th & 7th.