13 November 2008

George's Restaurant

Sometimes neighborhood landmarks hide in plain view.

Nothing about the bulbous, shiny, red sign for George's Restaurant on Coney Island Avenue near Cortelyou told me it was anything special. But the obviously older sign hanging out over the street held hints that George's might have some deep Brooklyn roots. "Steaks. Chops. Sea Food."? That's a red flag that the joint's either pre- or post-World War II.

Sure enough, an orange-jacketed waiter told me the place was more than 50 years old. (It was founded in 1956.) And that it used to be bigger, stretching all the way to the corner (seen below). The owner now leases that extra space out to two other business. The interior has booths and a nicely untouched lunch counter with stools. It was possibly last decorated in the 1970s.

Eating here at 2 AM would, I think, be an experience.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, God, George's. The only place in Ditmas Park to eat after midnight, so, that's nice, and yes, eating there at 2 am is an experience. The best thing about the place is their $4 delivery minimum, because delivery pancakes are one of life's great simple pleasures. A friend of mine who grew up in the neighborhood wouldn't go within twenty feet of George's, though.