03 November 2008

Bloomberg Finally Listens to the People, Albeit Involuntarily

As the nation prepares to possibly enter a bright new day, politically, The Times ran a beautiful story Nov. 2 about how New York City is diving headfirst into political devolution. Mayor Bloomberg yesterday signed into law the bit of legal scullduggery affording him a shot at a third term. The flagrant flouting of the public will was pushed through by he and City Council last month. Throughout, Bloomberg listened to nothing and no one, remaining steadfast in his borderline criminal lust for power.

But on Nov. 2, owing to quaint little City Hall custom, he had to listen to every Tom, Dick and Harry curse him up and down as he waited to sign the bill. Anyone, it seems, can appear at a bill signing and say whatever they please about the matter at hand.

It was a singular moment in the Bloomberg era of government. For much of his tenure, the mayor has been showered with accolades and surrounded by friendly crowds that have treated him like a head of state.

But during the bill signing, a man unaccustomed to direct, public criticism endured a heavy — and very harsh — dose of it from those he governs.

Dozens of speakers accused the mayor of arrogantly disregarding the will of New York voters, who overwhelmingly endorsed the current eight-year term limits in two referendums in the 1990s.

What a satisfying bit of political theatre. Bloomberg met a bunch of people who didn't like him!; I wonder if he was surprised they actually existed. Of course, he signed the bill in the end, but the man was humiliated, and his day was ruined. Get used to it Bloomie. You praise days are over.

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Anonymous said...

I watched some of it at lunchtime, and it was a pretty amusing show. He just had to sit there stone-faced for hours and listen to people (some rational, some not) rail at him. Of course there were also plenty of Bloomie cheerleaders as well. It was quite a parade of diverse New Yorkers.