25 November 2008

It's What Happens When You're Not Looking

You have to act quickly these days, or history will evaporate right before your eyes.

I encountered the above watering hole on Coney Island Avenue near Courtelyou not 18 days ago. I was entranced by the stark retro signage and the hard-bitten clientele. I meant to blog about it.

Then, tonight, I happened to pass by again and did a double take. New sign. Worse sign.

Apparently, the place, open since 1969, has just undergone a shift in ownership. It's a happy story in general. A longtime bartender, Billy Cain, along with his sister Margaret, and friends Kathleen and John recently, bought the bar from the old owner, Billy Windam. And they felt the need to spiff up the space. The inside looks pretty good. Not too slick. Homey. And there's a shot wheel; you spin it and drink what the needle points to.

But the sign's a mistake. I'm sure they think it's a cooler look. It's not. Nothing was cooler than that white-and-red job with the profile of a martini glass.


Anonymous said...

One practice I rather dislike is naming a business after its street number (presumably that's what the "773" means). It's not a bad practice, but it shows a certain lack of imagination.

Rubys Host said...

The reason they kept "773" is because of the history - loyal & new customers etc - they have kept the dart league and other things of the old bar. They have added 50 beers to try, a shot/drink wheel so if your indecisive you can spin the wheel - maybe get a free drink. The kitchen will begin serving food Fri Dec 5th. Occasionally they will have Karaoke or a DJ for entertainment. Its still an easy going Irish bar.