15 November 2008

New York at Night

A wonderful Chinese joint on the Bowery. Inside, some delicious roast pork waits for you for a mere pittance.


M.Lane said...

I cannot believe that I did not know of your blog until today! I LOVE it! Thanks for blogpreserving my favorite city. I did a three part entry on NYC on my blog a few weeks ago. I hope you can check it out some time. I added you to my blog list also.


Brooks of Sheffield said...

Thank you, ML. I very much appreciate the kind words. I will check out your blog as well.

Anonymous said...

Also well-known for their salt-baked seafood.

MartinD28 said...

For me, the mark of a truly great Chinatown restaurant is surviving a fine review in the NY Times. The only things that have changed since 1994's glowing notice is the world "Great" added to the name and the preponderance of a local "tourist" clientele. Otherwise, 'tis still wonderful