23 February 2009

Broadway Duane Reade Wants to Look Old, But Also Doesn't Really Care

There's a Duane Reade drug store on Broadway and 20th that's making a half-assed attempt at looking like part of Old New York.

Before you enter the store, you tread over some well worn tile (far below), a remnant of whatever store used to be at this address before Duane Reade took over. Inside, though, the tile theme continues, and a variety of newer colored tiles are arranged to clearly spell out the message "Welcome to Duane Reade."

Nice! Except that the current manager of the store obviously doesn't give a good God Damn about this charming bit of artistry. Half the letters are covered up by black floor mats and a large display unit holding bottled water. "Welc to Duane Ade."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This one of the dingiest Duane Reade stores
was before a DR drug store a branch of the Hudson Trading Company a very 1980's LL Bean type of store chain
which went financially bust.